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Quote from 'Awesome Coaching - Strategies & Techniques for Impacting the Workplace' - Dave Rogers

"Deborah is ‘awesome’ in everything she does. An experienced coach, mentor and facilitator, Deborah shares ‘expressing you’ tools, techniques and strategies to connect with the inner voice and then magically express themselves in transformational, and often life changing ways."

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Watch Deborah in action as featured guest speaker at District 80 Toastmasters International Annual Convention in Singapore

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Hi! My name is Deborah Patel & I'm thrilled that you are visiting our Expressing You complimentary online training site.

If you are committed to being an extraordinary communicator, I highly recommend that you register for our free e-course and to engage with me online. We respect your privacy & you can unsubscribe at any time - no questions asked. In exchange for your name & email you will instantly receive access to...

Multimedia Training Resources
1. MP3 Audio Tips...
Presentation Power Audio Introduction...
The Importance of Exercising Your Voice
2. Short Video Coaching Clips...
Common sense vocal rules can really help you to perform, present & speak well. These simple vocal care tips will help you to become more confident, keep your vocal cords in tip top shape & put your best voice forward.

Tips to Take Care of & Warm up the Body & Voice...
  • Practical Do's & Don'ts for Optimum Vocal Performance
  • Simple Self-Massage & Tongue Tension Release Stretches for Better Articulation
  • Quick Body & Voice, Presentation or Public Speaking Warm Up
  • Discover the Fundamentals of Effective & Powerful Breathing
  • Relaxation & Release... Easy Exercises to Reduce Tension and Stress
Tips for Superstar Communication
  • Be More Exciting When You Speak
  • Make your Words Come Alive
  • Make a Fantastic First Impression and be more Charismatic
  • Overcome Stage Fright & the Fear of Public Speaking
  • Speak with Credibility & Confidence

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